Addendum to the Circular for Synod

Addendum to the Circular for Synod

Dear Members of Synod;

Attached, you will find an addendum to the Circular for Synod.  This document contains some revised and new resolutions.  It also contains maps and other helpful information.

➢  Registration:  Registration will take place atMacEwan Residence (see map).  You will receive your name tag, room key, and other information.  Please be sure you bring some kind of photo ID with you for your room key security purposes.

➢  Parking:  Those arriving by car will be provided with a parking pass at the time of registration.  If you have not provided us with the license plate of your vehicle, please send it to me by return email before April 25.

➢  Ground Transportation:  Those travelling by air (and have provided us with flight info and times) will be met and transportation provided for you to and from the airport.  For those who have not given us details, we may not be able to provide this service for you.

➢  Assisting with Worship:  Those who indicated a willingness to assist with worship will be contacted directly by email if you are being invited to help.  Thank you if you did offer!

I am looking forward to our time together at Synod in Edmonton.

Safe travels!

Susan Suppes

(Provincial Secretary)