Convening Circular for the 49th Synod

Convening Circular for the 49th Synod

He is Risen! Alleluia!

In a few short weeks we will be gathering in Edmonton, Alberta as representatives of the ten dioceses which comprise the Ecclesiastical Province of Rupert’s Land (EPRL). Thank you for your willingness to represent your diocese at this 49th Session of Synod.

Most delegates have registered on-line. We are working with the information provided by you to meet your transportation, accommodation and dietary needs. If anything has changed since you registered on-line (e.g. Flight information) we need to know. Please send me an email before April 15 noting any changes or updating your travel information. If we don’t know when you’re arriving or leaving, it makes taking care of your needs more difficult.

Please email me at

Convening Circular:
Included in the Circular you will find a listing of delegates, proposed Agenda for the Synod, messages from the Metropolitan and Primate along with a number of reports, some with resolutions for our consideration, and other information. Please refer to the Table of Contents for a complete list of the Circular’s content.

For those who will be working electronically, Please download this attachment to your laptop or tablet so that all you need to do is access it at synod.

Registration at Synod:
Registration begins at 12:00 noon on Thursday, May 3rd, in the Residence at MacEwan University and will remain open until 5:00 pm that day. The Residence address is 10050-104th Avenue, Edmonton. Registration will re-open again on Friday morning for those who did not register on Thursday. Upon registration you will receive your room key; a nametag (which will serve as your ‘meal ticket’ so don’t misplace it!) parking pass (if you require one) along with other supplemental information. If you are not able to register prior to the opening service, delegates will still be able to obtain their room key back at the residence following the service, and you can complete your synod registration on Friday morning.

Opening Service:
The Opening Service will commence at 7pm at the All Saints Cathedral 10035 – 103 St. A shuttle to the Cathedral has been arrange (between 6:15 to 6:30 pm). Those with vehicles are encouraged to take their vehicle and as many passengers as will allow. The Cathedral is a short 15-20 minute walk for those who wish to get some exercise.

Accommodations are provided at the Residence at MacEwan University and consist of two-room suites, with each delegate having their own private bedroom, with a common kitchenette and bathroom. A limited number of private rooms were available for those with special circumstances.

If you named a person to share your suite, every effort has been made to accommodate your request, otherwise a roommate has been assigned. Lounges are located on every floor for your use to rest, visit or relax.

Meals and Dietary Restrictions and other considerations.
Every effort has been made to accommodate those who indicated dietary restrictions at the time of completing the on-line registration. Please watch for special instructions if you indicated allergies or other dietary restrictions. The first meal provided will be dinner on Thursday, May 3, 2018. All meals are served buffet-style, but NOT all you can eat. We have ordered food in sufficient quantities to feed our registered numbers. Dinner will be available on Thursday starting at 4:30 pm until 6:00 pm in Paul Byrne Hall (same area where we will be meeting). Breakfast, lunch and supper on Friday, May 4, as well as breakfast and lunch on Saturday will be taken in the Paul Byrne Hall. The Synod banquet will be held on Saturday evening at Christ Church
Anglican located at 12116 -102 Ave NW, Edmonton. Transportation to and from Christ Church Anglican will be by shuttle, private vehicle or walking. Entertainment will follow the banquet meal arranged by the Diocese of Edmonton. For those arriving mid-day, or on Wednesday because of travel connections, please take your meals in any of the areas local restaurants near the University. The first planned meal on campus is Thursday evening.

Scent-Free Synod: Many folks also have sensitivities to perfumes and heavily-scented deodorant/anti-perspirant, or hair sprays. Please be conscious of this and refrain from using these products during the Synod.

Participation at Synod:
Synod sittings will be held in the Paul Byrne Hall located in the University, a very short walk from the residence. Two classrooms have been assigned to us: 1 as a chapel for morning worship; and another for the ‘synod office’ In addition to resolutions and presentations, this Synod will include opportunities for facilitated table discussion. Delegates will sit with members of their dioceses, but will also be requested to move to assigned tables a few times during the synod meeting. Your active participation will enhance not only your experience at Synod, but enrich the gathering as a whole.

Elections for various committees and councils of the Province will be held. Details about the elections along with a nomination form are included in the Convening Circular. Please consider standing for election to one of these committees.

At the conclusion of Friday’s sitting, members of Synod may wish to participate in the Jamboree. For those unfamiliar with a “Jamboree”, it can be described as a festive gathering, often including speeches and entertainment. All members with musical talent are encouraged to bring instruments and offer their musical giftedness for the benefit of the Synod.

We, the Synod Planning Team, along with the staff at MacEwan University, are working hard to ensure this Synod is both productive and enjoyable for all. Please be in touch (by email or phone 204-992-4212) if you have questions or concerns.