Synod Convening Circular

A The Convening Circular for the 48th Synod can be downloaded here and a copy of this letter here

Dear Delegate to Provincial Synod;
In a few short weeks we will be converging on the small rural town of Watrous, SK and Manitou Springs Retreat and Conference Centre as we gather as the Provincial Synod for the Ecclesiastical Province of Rupert’s Land.

Thank you all for registering using the on-line registration system which has worked very well. Using that information, we know who is coming, if your spouse is attending, who you wish to share a room with or if you wish single accommodation and food sensitivities. We also know if you wanted a printed packet of the Convening Circular for Synod.

Convening Circular:
In accordance with the Constitution, the Convening Circular must be distributed 30 days prior to Synod. If you requested a print packet – this is it – your Convening Circular for Synod. Please refer to the Table of Contents to know what documents are contained in the Circular. Worship booklets will be handed out at Registration.

If you’ve opted for an electronic version, the convening circular is attached here. IMPORTANT NOTICE: Please download the file and have it ‘resident’ on your laptop or tablet. We anticipate that the bandwidth will not be sufficient to have folks ‘working’ from an internet file. Please ensure your document is saved on your computer so that all you need to do is access it as required.

Registration begins at 12:00 noon on Thursday, June 18 th , at Manitou Springs, and will remain open until 5:00 pm. Registration will re-open on Friday morning for those who do not register on Thursday afternoon. If you wish to vote in the election for Metropolitan (which is to be held immediately following the opening worship service on Thursday evening) please ensure you register before 5pm on Thursday. When you register you will receive your room key; a nametag (which will serve as your ‘meal ticket’ so don’t misplace it!) and a worship booklet. If you are not able to register prior to the opening service, once we return from that service and the election, we
will still be able to provide you with your room key.

Opening Service & Election of the Metropolitan:
Our Opening Service for Synod and Election of the Metropolitan will now be held at the local Lutheran Church to accommodate more comfortably all delegates and guests. The Service will begin at 7 pm in Our Redeemer Lutheran Church, located at 304-5 Avenue W, Watrous, SK. Transportation to the Church will be by private vehicle and Manitou Springs Hotel Shuttle. If you have a vehicle, please fill your vehicle with as many delegates as possible, and if necessary, consider a second trip.

At the time of registration, you were asked to indicate single or double accommodation, (with single rooms resulting in an additional charge to you). All requests for single accommodation have been met. Roommates have been assigned if you did not request a particular roommate.

Meals and Dietary Restrictions:
Every effort will be made to accommodate those who have dietary restrictions. Please note, we
have two persons who have extreme (airborne and contact) allergies to peanuts. PLEASE REFRAIN

Scent-Free Synod:
Many folks also have sensitivities to perfumes and heavily-scented deodorant/
anti-perspirant, or hair sprays. Please be conscious of this and refrain from using these products
during the Synod.

Social Gatherings and Installation of Metropolitan:
The agenda has been planned so that there are several occasions throughout the Synod to gather
• Friday Evening BBQ Dinner – During a casual BBQ Dinner. This will include a “Thank you” to the retired Metropolitan, Bishop David Ashdown, and others who are retiring from ‘provincial offices’.
• Friday Evening Jamboree – After the evening sitting, we will be holding a ‘jamboree’. “Jamboree” can be defined in many ways according to Wikipedia — but here is an appropriate description: a festive gathering, often including speeches and entertainment. All members with musical talent are encouraged to bring instruments and be willing to offer
their musical giftedness for the benefit of the Synod. (Don’t be shy!)
• Saturday Evening – Dinner at the historic 102 year old Danceland, followed by an evening of
dancing and entertainment. Bring your dancing shoes, if you wish!
• Sunday morning – As part of the closing worship of the Synod on Sunday morning, the newly elected Metropolitan will be formally installed as the 16 th Metropolitan of Rupert’s Land.

Participation at Synod:
In addition to resolutions and presentations, this Synod will include a fair amount of facilitated group discussion. Your active participation will enhance not only your experience at Synod, but enrich the gathering as a whole.

Elections will be held for the various committees and boards of the Province. Details about the
elections and a nomination form are included in the Convening Circular. Please consider the
possibility of serving on one of these committees.

We, your Synod Planning Team, along with the staff at Manitou Springs Retreat & Conference
Centre, are working hard to ensure this Synod is both productive and enjoyable for all. Please be in
touch if you have questions or concerns, and we’ll try to address them as best as possible.

Yours in the ministry we share,

Susan Suppes

Mrs. Susan Suppes
Provincial Secretary
c/o 935 Nesbitt Bay, Winnipeg, MB R3T 1W6 204-992-4212;

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